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Turtle Ridge Farm, LLC

Meet our resident AKC Anatolian Shepherds..

Our Anatolian Shepherds spend their time on our farm guarding our alpacas and chickens. Every evening our Anatolians can be heard and seen responding to the local coyote population as they skirt the outside of our property. It's a joy to watch these dogs work each and every day walking the perimeter checking for trouble. Before our first Anatolian Shepherd Rudy was brought to the farm, coyotes were witnessed stalking the Alpacas along the perimeter and on a few occasions they found a way inside our Alpaca yards. Since his arrival the coyotes have not breached or tried to prey on our animals.

We spend time with them socializing, training, and just interacting with them as we tend to our flock. They are a loving breed that is very loyal, protective, territorial, and smart guardian dogs that love to do their jobs.

Sire Rudy AKC

Sire Junior AKC

Dam Raven AKC

Dam Gypsy AKC